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Previously, there were attempts to establish production of dry mare's milk in Kazakhstan. However, construction and launch of the plant producing sublimated milk on such a large industrial scale was realised for the first time.

Both the story and the idea of the revival of the national product are equally amazing and impressive. Rudolf Storch, who came to Kazakh steppe as a prisoner of war, came down with a severe form of tuberculosis and was considered doomed to death by management of the camp, therefore he was released to die. One of the locals decided to nurse Rudolf Storch, who was almost in a terminal state, and treated him with saumal. Knowledge of the healing properties of saumal (mare's milk) helped put the former prisoner of war on his legs. Some time later, Rudolf Storch recovered and left for Germany, where he became an ardent believer in the healing properties of mare's milk, and established production of mare’s milk.

Kazakhstani plant is an exact copy of the German
plant but is significantly larger.

Having established production of mare’s milk in Europe and popularized its consumption to some extent, Rudolf Storch turned over the control of the plant to his son-in-law, Hans Zollmann, who is currently a Chief Technologist of our production, he shares his successful experience of dairy horse breeding and production of dry mare's milk.

Kazakhstan plant built in Osakarovsk District of Karaganda Oblast is an exact copy of the German plant of Rudolf Storch, but is significantly larger.

The whole business - from choosing the location to adapting horses and staff training were carried out under the continuous supervision of Hans Zollmann; all technological materials and equipment were brought from Germany and comply with the world quality standards. Currently, all the processes at the Kazakhstan plant are carried out with the direct involvement of Mr. Zollmann.

Our plant has substantial advantages over European manufacturers of the similar product and has a much larger development potential of the industry. It is proven by the geography and climatic conditions of Kazakhstan, forage resources, and finally by the whole history of peoples who lived on the territories of our steppes. It should be specially noted that unlike the European horse breeding farms, where horses are stable kept, our horses are in their natural habitat, which is a big advantage as it affects the growth of horses and allows to produce mare’s milk of excellent quality.

Under the project the Company has 25,000 hectares of pasture lands, allowing to create its own forage provisions on a year-round basis. More than 1,500 mares (broodmares) allow to obtain and process up to 2.5 tonnes of mare's milk per day (taking into account the seasonality), and produce up to 20 tonnes of high-quality sublimated mare's milk per year. Implementation of German technology helps not only achieve high production output, but also assure high quality of the manufactured product.

The Company is focused on the export of its products to European and Asian countries.