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Unique and healing properties of mare's milk and its derivatives are well-known by people for a long time. Since ancient times, nomads called fresh mare's milk “saumal” (where “mal” means cattle, and “sau” means healthy, sound, undamaged). Unique properties and benefits of mare's milk and its derivatives are evidenced not only by traditions and legends, they are also confirmed in ancient chronicles and medical tractates of Hippocrates and Abu Ali Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna. Avicenna noted the revitalising effect and properties of mare's milk as well as its “amazing similarity with the human nature”.

SAUMAL® is a white powder of dried whole mare's milk, obtained through the sublimation technique. Unique widely used healing product.

Modern life is full of stress, environmental problems, and lack and low availability of wholesome food, and therefore modern man's desire for a healthy lifestyle and useful products is increasing from year to year. In many countries, particular attention is paid to the functional food, which typically includes products with identified capacity to improve health. Those products should be absolutely natural, with no harmful chemical additives. Functional food products must be of high biological activity. That is why modern medicine gradually understood the importance of not only nutrients, but also bioactive components of food, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and so on for the human physiology.

Due to the unique natural composition of mare's milk, SAUMAL® allows to strengthen immunity, improve digestion and liver function, and prevent diseases which affect physical and mental health.

It should be specially highlighted how SAUMAL® retains all of its healing properties in a sublimated form.

One of the few shortcomings of the newly drawn mare's milk (saumal) is its inability to retain its useful properties for a long time - saumal is “alive” only for a few hours after milking (!). However, progress in sublimation (freeze drying) of mare's milk helps effectively eliminate that shortcoming, thereby retaining healing properties and freshness of a curative product. Sublimation means that the mare's milk is freezed, then frozen product is vaporized under certain conditions bypassing the liquid phase, and we obtain the finished product in the dry state.

Assessment of the nutritional value of mare's milk obtained through the sublimation technique testified that its organoleptic and biological properties do not much differ from those of the original product; that in addition to the robust packaging allows storing the finished product for a long time without any special conditions. In addition, dried mare's milk is of high solubility and quickly restores when dissolved in water.


Thanks to numerous international research and the application of modern technologies, we know exactly what makes SAUMAL® so useful and unique for human beings.

Mare’s milk contains optimally balanced proportions of about 40 biological components necessary for the human body, such as amino acids, fats, enzymes (lysozyme, amylase), micro-elements (calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, ferrum, magnesium, copper, iodine, sulfur, cobalt, zinc, silicon, bromine) and vitamins (А, С, В1, B2, В6, В12, Е, Н, РР, beta-carotene, folic acid ...). Concentration of A, B, C, and E vitamins and micro-elements in mare’s milk is the highest among the products of animal origin.

Just 500 ml of mare's milk provides the body's daily requirement of vitamin C

Mare's milk formula is as close as possible to the breast milk and belongs to the albuminous group. While milk of other domestic animals (except for she-asses) belongs to refers to caseinic group. Difference between them is that casein has a more coarse structure and due to this it is much less digestible. Albumin as is the globulin, a main component of the breast milk, is finely divided (serum) protein and much better digestible.

Comparative analysis of protein

Total numberCaseinAlbumin
Breast milk1,20,50,7
Cow’s milk3,32,80,5
Mare’s milk2,20,91,3
Goat’s milk3,53,5

Content of essential amino acids (mg/100 mg)

Breast milkMare’s milkCow’s milk

Macro- and micro-elements content

Breast milkMare’s milkCow’s milk
Calcium28 – 3450 – 135112 – 123
Phosphorus14 – 4320 – 12159 – 119
Potassium53 – 6225 – 87106 – 163
Magnesium3 – 43 – 127 – 12
Sodium10 – 188 – 5858
Chlorine1960 – 63100 – 119
Ferrum0,04 – 0,20,02 – 0,150,03 – 0,1
Copper0,09 – 0,640,2 – 0,40,03 – 0,55
Zink0,02 – 0,060,02 – 0,110,01 – 0,06

Benefits of SAUMAL® is proven by numerous clinical and laboratory studies of credible international medical organizations. National research medical organizations of KAZAKHSTAN confirm the conclusions of their foreign colleagues.


Despite that saumal (fresh mare’s milk) was well-known for centuries both in Kazakhstan and abroad, people began to pay conscious attention to its healing properties relatively recently. It is notable that the increased interest in this unique product is demonstrated from abroad (Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, United States). This is not surprising, since the trend of consuming functional food products exists already for several decades abroad, and the scientifically proven scope of mare's milk application is rather wide and not limited only to medical reasons.

As mentioned above, the unique and optimally balanced composition of biological components of mare's milk, and in particular SAUMAL®, that’s what makes this product an alternative means of prevention and treatment of diseases of various aetiology.

For example, β-lactose contained in mare's milk is the bifidogenic factor that normalizes the intestinal microecology, and is actually a bifidogenic and lactogenic prebiotic (substance that is insoluble by enzymes and that stimulates the growth of “useful” microorganisms, which enhance digestion).

Lysozyme, a key enzyme contained in mare’s milk is active as compared to other types of milk and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Presence of significant amount of proteins such as albumin and casein, in mare’s milk is essential for an organism, since proteins serve as building material for cells and tissues needed for life sustenance of each organism and each living cell. Scientists proved that natural resistance of our body to tuberculosis is associated with protein metabolism, which is positively affected by casein of mare's milk. In addition, mare's milk contains relatively large amounts of calcium salts that contribute to healing (calcification) of tuberculous lesions of tuberculosis patients.

Another important positive aspect of drinking mare's milk is its beneficial effect on the motor function of stomach, - it normalizes intestinal peristalsis (predisposition to diarrhea) and function of large intestine (predisposition to constipation). Motor function of the gastrointestinal tract of different people changes differently and depends on the composition of the gastric fluid and individual tolerance. Thus, mare's milk contributes to increased acidity of the stomach of patients with chronic gastritis with secretory dysfunction, improves the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Saumal noticeably improves digestion, significantly increases the weight, and improves metabolism of those people who drink it.

The latest research of the National Scientific Medical Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan evidence the efficiency and safety of the use of dry mare's milk in the treatment of chronic liver diseases: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, liver cirrhosis caused by autoimmune hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis caused by viral hepatitis. It is well-known that one of the main indicators of hepatic dysfunction is the reduction or regression of cytolytic syndrome; and the treatment strategy is determined based on presence, degree and etiological peculiarities of such cytolytic syndrome. Clinical and laboratory data obtained during the research testified the decrease in endogenous enzymes, such as alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate aminotransferase (AST), of those people, who consumed the dried mare's milk during the research.

Decrease in the above indicators allows to assume that combination of the background therapy, change of lifestyle, and consuming mare's milk helps reduce the progression of liver diseases (in particular, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

Owing to its suitability to human physiology, balanced nutritional composition, easy digestibility and absorption, mare's milk can be helpfully used in dietary regimens, contributing to purification of a human body, normalization of metabolic processes, improvement of blood circulation and to some extent retardation of aging.

Indications for use of mare's milk in gastroenterology and hepatology:

  • Alcoholic liver disease: alcoholic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis;
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: liver steatosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and liver cirrhosis caused by non-alcoholic steatohepatitis;
  • Chronic viral B, C and D hepatitis, and viral liver cirrhosis;
  • Chronic gastritis and duodenitis;
  • Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Chronic pancreatitis;
  • Intestinal dysbiosis syndrome;
  • Dysfunction of bile ducts.

Displaying an amazing composition of mare's milk, it is worth telling about its striking similarity to the breast milk, since that similarity gives reasons to consider mare's milk as a substitute for the breast milk in case of problems with breast-feeding (dysregulation of the processes of breast milk production, lactose digestion problems, individual intolerance to proteins of casein group), and as a supplemental feeding for infants.

Presence of tryptophan, an essential amino acid (carrier of antibodies), in mare’s milk, as well as a rich mineral content (iodine, calcium, magnesium, ferrum...) give the reason to include mare's milk in the food of absolutely healthy children; it contributes to saturation of their bodies with necessary elements and building strong immunity. The unique composition comprising vitamins, proteins, fats and micro-elements prevents both lack of important elements in child's body and the probability of oversaturation.

Consumption of SAUMAL® can provide a sound basis for the prevention of diseases and disorders at early stages, which are sometimes difficult to detect at an early age.

Basic indications for children to use SAUMAL®:

  • Intolerance to cow's milk protein;
  • Intolerance to cow's milk;
  • Necessity to introduce supplemental feeding for infants;
  • Chronic diseases causing body weight deficit and depletion, respiratory diseases;
  • Increased mental and physical exertion (during the period of adaptation to school and/or kindergarten).

Considering the use of dry mare's milk as direct opportunity to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases, it is worth noting that it is not limited only to medical indications. Introduction of SAUMAL® into the diet of sportsmen and just physically active people gives positive effects.

People who already tried SAUMAL®, note its positive effect in everyday life in the form of normalization of intestinal peristalsis, sleep quality and appetite improvement, cheerfulness feeling. General toning effect of mare's milk allows using it in cases of a so-called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, processes of recovery from injuries, operations (or in preparation for operations), increased physical exertion and so on. SAUMAL® can also be used in cosmetology - continuous consumption of mare's milk improves hair condition improving hair structure, giving it shine and volume, facilitating its growth. In addition, the use of the product normalizes sebaceous gland function, improving skin elasticity and colour.

To be fair, it should be noted that despite of absence of obvious adverse effects of the dry mare's milk, you should refuse of consuming the product in cases of acute forms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and individual intolerance to such kind of dairy products.


Today modern technology allows us to bring mare's milk with all its unique natural properties to urban people as well. Healing dried mare's milk produced in compliance with the current requirements of innovative technologies allows to completely replace fresh mare's milk.

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