What is SAUMAL®?

The unique and healthy properties of mare’s milk and its derivatives are well known for a long time. Anciently, nomads called newly drawn mare’s milk as “saumal” (in Kazakh, “mal” means “livestock”, and “sau” means healthy, intact, and unhurt).

SAUMAL® is a widespread use product. It is produced from whole mare’s milk and is a dry white substance generated by the sublimation (cold drying) method with a powder resembling structure.

How to prepare SAUMAL®?

To restore the natural content of mare’s milk, it is recommended to dilute SAUMAL® with water in the following portions:

3 tablespoons
ложки порошка
of powder
20-22 g
1 glass
of lukewarm water
360) 200 ml

To get a more intense taste, you can add less water, which will not affect the beneficial properties of the product. Also, it can be consumed dry.

Eco-friendly product
in a safe package

One of few disadvantages of freshly drawn mare’s milk (saumal) is its inability to keep its healthy properties for a long time. Saumal “lives” only within several hours after milking (!).

However, the modern achievements in sublimating (sublimation drying) of mare’s milk for storage help eliminate this disadvantage efficiently; thus preserving healthy properties and freshness of the healing product. And sterile vacuum package of SAUMAL® keeps all the product magic properties until its preparation and drinking.

These are the technologies that enable us to provide the city inhabitants with mare’s milk with its all unique natural properties.